D.W.G “Delaware Water Gap”

Delaware Water Gap canoe trips…
Here’s a fun weekend trip to do, with a little help from adventure sports out of P.A. We rented the canoes from them and parked our cars down river at the end of the Water Gap. Adventure Sports  will pick you up and drive you up river, then you load up and hit the river. As you near the end of the gap you give them a call, tell them your finshing up, then  leave the  boats and  they’ll come  pick up their canoe and  your free to go.. You can do a 1, 2, or 3 day trip… Our first time out  we did 2 day trip, and a 3 day trip the second time. I feel that all you really need is  2 days two do the trip….

photoicon1st trip
photoicon2nd trip